Assessment of Cognitive Function in Breast Cancer and Lymphoma Patients Receiving Chemotherapy at Pre-Treatment, Post-Treatment, and at Six Month Follow Up (ONLY LYMPHOMA PATIENTS CAN BE ENROLLED) the two breast cancer arms of this trial are closed effective 10/25/13.

This is a longitudinal observational study of cognitive function in breast cancer and lymphoma patients receiving chemotherapy to better understand the prevalence of cognitive difficulties (i.e., problems with memory, executive function, and attention) in these populations.

Key Eligibility for Subjects Receiving Chemotherapy:

• Have a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer (stage I-IIIC) or intermediate or high-grade* lymphoma (*defined by the treating physician)

• Be scheduled to begin a course of chemotherapy

• Oral chemotherapy is acceptable

• Previous or concurrent treatment with hormones or biological response modifiers is acceptable. (Subjects receiving biological response modifiers only are not eligible).

• Be chemotherapy naïve
Cancer, All Other
Alison Conlin, M.D.
URCC NCORP Research Base
Amy Greathouse

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