Comparative and Pragmatic Study of Simponi Aria Versus Remicade in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inclusion Criteria: Patient must be a male or female 18 years of age or older as the study is intended to assess Golimumab intravenous (IV) and Infliximab in adult RA patients Patient must sign an informed consent form (ICF) indicating that he or she understands the purpose of and procedures required for the study and is willing to participate in the study Patient has a confirmed diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and is medically eligible for treatment with Golimumab IV or Infliximab in accordance with standard of care (example, screening for tuberculosis [TB], vaccinations, etc.) At the time of enrollment the patient will be initiating treatment with Golimumab IV or Infliximab. The patient may or may not have previously received treatment with a biologic. Patients with previous exposure to subcutaneously administered Simponi may enroll in the study Patient must be willing to complete Patient reported outcomes (PRO) forms during the study and agree to return completed forms to the site if receiving an infusion of Golimumab IV or Infliximab at a location remote from the study site Exclusion Criteria: Patient is less than 18 years of age Patient is pregnant or planning a pregnancy Patient is currently enrolled in an interventional study Patient has received an investigational drug (including investigational vaccines) or used an invasive investigational medical device within 28 days, as appropriate, before the planned first dose of Golimumab IV or Infliximab Patient previously received Golimumab IV if planning to receive Golimumab IV in this study or the patient previously received Infliximab if planning to receiving Infliximab in this study Patient has any condition for which, in the opinion of the investigator, participation would not be in the best interest of the patient (example, compromise the patient's well-being) or that could prevent, limit, or confound the protocol-specified assessments
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Kalpita Hatti, M.D.
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