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Changing health, creating hope

Scientific breakthroughs are meaningless unless we can apply that knowledge to improve patient outcomes. At Providence Health & Services and our affiliates, researchers work tirelessly to translate scientific discovery in the lab to patient treatment in the hospital.

Our physicians and scientists work side by side to create solutions, ensuring that patients benefit from the latest advancements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment. With more than 2,300 ongoing clinical trials and research studies, we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to make a true impact on human health.

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A randomized, double-blind, phase 2 trial of platinum therapy plus etoposide with or without concurrent vandetanib



Providence St. Joseph Health launches Digital Commons initiative

DigitalCommons2Providence St. Joseph Health is excited to announce the launch of our Digital Commons online repository. Digital Commons serves as an institutional repository to collect and present Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) research and other scholarly activity in one convenient, easily navigable location. Digital Commons aims to activate the voice of PSJH and share our research accomplishments as a world-class research organization.

Articles are searchable and organized by Clinical Institutes and Departments and include links to available full-text. We have already populated Digital Commons with over 350 publications and we continue to add more every day. In addition to peer-reviewed publications, we plan to add conference abstracts, book/chapter citations, and other multimedia. Library Services runs weekly PubMed searches to capture journal articles but we need you to send us other items! Please send articles, presentations, abstracts, posters, etc. to Digital Commons. Digital Commons is a wonderful way to disseminate non-indexed research and Digital Commons items are search engine optimized, to help you and your work appear at the top of Google searches.


Immunotherapy stopped advanced melanoma in its tracks

ChuckHowardWhen Chuck Howard’s symptoms began, they weren’t alarming—just some “minor discomforts” near what he assumed was his gallbladder. A scan revealed his body was riddled with dozens of tumors, including one above his right kidney with a mass the size of a baseball.

Chuck was diagnosed with advanced melanoma, a skin cancer that had gone undetected while it spread throughout his system. Metastatic melanoma kills 95 out of 100 patients within five years. He didn’t have many good treatment options until he heard about a new study at Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Or., that combined high-dose radiation with interleukin-2, a powerful immunotherapy.

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