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An Expanded Access Protocol for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme in Patients with Already Manufactured DCVax-L, Autologous Dendritic Cells Pulsed with Tumor Lysate Antigen Who Have Screen-Failed Protocol 020221

The study is an open-label expanded access study for patients for whom vaccine was manufactured during the Northwest Biotherapeutics' 020221 DCVax-L for GBM screening process, but who subsequently failed to meet specific enrollment criteria. Patients will receive therapy per investigator discretion (standard of care) as well as active vaccine per the 020221 protocol administration schedule. It is estimated that approximately 99 patients will enroll in this study.

Patients who are being screened under protocol 020221 who are not eligible for enrollment due to a) evidence of disease progression or pseudo-progression post chemo-radiation or b) insufficient (<5 doses) vaccine manufactured, and for whom the DCVax-L treatment was manufactured and released are eligible for this study.

Inclusion Criteria:

Screen-Fail for protocol 020221 due to either:
Radiographic evidence of disease progression or pseudoprogression at the Baseline visit under protocol 020221, as determined by central imaging review, OR
Insufficient vaccine manufactured for protocol 020221 (i.e. less than 5 doses).
Patients must have a KPS rating of ≥70 at the Baseline Visit (Visit 5) (refer to Appendix D, Performance Status Scales).
Patients may have received steroid therapy as part of their primary treatment. Steroid treatment should preferably be stopped; or if continued steroid use is clinically indicated, be tapered down to no more than 4 mg dexamethasone qd at least 7 days prior to the first immunization .
DCVax-L product manufactured and released.

Exclusion Criteria:

Active uncontrolled infection, or acute infection requiring antibiotic or antifungal therapy. Antibiotic and antifungal therapy should be completed approximately 7 days prior to the first immunization.
Fever ≥101.5oF. If considered possibly transient, retesting is allowed.
Unstable or severe intercurrent medical conditions.
Females of child-bearing potential who are pregnant or lactating or who are not using adequate contraception (abstinence, surgical, hormonal or double barrier, i.e. condom and diaphragm). 020221 Baseline lab results and or local lab results are acceptable.
Charles Cobbs, M.D.
Northwest Biotherapeutics
Nathan Hansen
  • Swedish Medical Center