Evaluating immunologic tumor-based biomarkers in early stage breast cancer and immune-based assays as biomarkers of response to systemic therapy in breast cancer

In this study, we wish to prospectively collect peripheral blood from women with breast cancer who are treated with standard therapies (for example, cytotoxic chemotherapies), immunotherapies, or combination therapies. Using these samples, we will comprehensively characterize the immunologic effects of chemotherapy.

Key Eligibility
Women with either metastatic or early stage breast cancer will be eligible for participation if they meet the following criteria:
• Willingness to donate an additional 20-40cc of peripheral blood during a routine clinically-indicated peripheral blood draw
• Willingness to consent for biospecimen collection and research under protocol informed consent Master Protocol for the Collection of Biologic Materials in Support of Cancer Research and the Development of Cancer Therapies (PHS IRB# 06-108A)
• Active treatment, or anticipated treatment, at Providence Health and Services with a systemic cytotoxic chemotherapy, combination therapy, or immune therapy
David Page, M.D.
Earle A Chiles Research Institute (EACRI)
Nikki Moxon
  • Providence Cancer Institute Franz Clinic