CRC_50876 A

CODA CRC 50876 A-The Comparison of Outcomes of Antibiotic Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA) Trial

For the past 130 years, appendectomy has been the standard treatment for appendicitis. Recent studies from Europe have challenged the notion that surgery is the best option, showing that antibiotics alone can treat appendicitis without a need for appendectomy in as many as 3 out of 4 patients and without safety issues for up to one year of follow up. Despite these results, it remains to be determined if the antibiotic strategy is as good as an appendectomy for the outcomes that most patients care about. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)-funded Comparison of Outcomes of Drugs and Appendectomy (CODA) trial will be the first American, and largest-ever randomized trial of the issue and its results should help surgeons and patients make more informed healthcare decisions.

Key Inclusion Criteria:

Clinical diagnosis of acute uncomplicated appendicitis (AUA) established by clinical care team, supported by any of the following usual care radiological tests (computed tomography (CT), ultrasound (US), and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)). AUA is defined by the usual signs, symptoms, and imaging finding of appendicitis without:
Diffuse peritonitis on clinical exam (i.e., rigid abdomen / four quadrant peritonitis);
Radiologic findings of :
i. Free air; ii. Walled off fluid collection concerning for an abscess; iii. Significant amounts of intra-abdominal fluid throughout abdomen (i.e., more than trace fluid); or iv. Extent of inflammation or adjacent organ involvement on radiologic imaging such that appendectomy is relatively contraindicated.
All Other
Careen Foster, M.D.
University of Washington
  • Providence Regional Medical Center Everett