SHS_300324 MIGJ CCMI 17063

A Study to Evaluate the Corvia Medical, Inc. IASD® System II to Reduce Elevated Left Atrial Pressure in Patients With Heart Failure

Following supine bicycle exercise testing to assess eligibility, the eligible patients are randomized to the treatment or control group.

All patients will be sedated, and both treatment and control arm patients will undergo placement of a femoral venous access sheath after randomization.

Patients randomized to the treatment arm will undergo a fluoroscopically and intra-cardiac echocardiography (ICE), or transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) guided trans-septal puncture and IASD System II implant procedure. Patients randomized to the control arm will undergo ICE from the femoral vein or TEE for examination of the atrial septum and left atrium.

Patients will be evaluated at pre-specified time intervals and followed for 5 years.

All patients will be unblinded after the 24 month follow up visit. Patients randomized to the control arm will be allowed to cross-over to the treatment arm at ≥ 24 months post-control procedure provided patient selection criteria are met at that time. Cross-over patients will then be followed for 5 years after cross-over.
Heart and Vascular
Heart Failure
John Mignone, M.D.
Corvia Medical
  • Swedish Medical Center